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Abstract: Make the changes of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency price audible,
using widely available live pricing information.

Recent Intraday BTC Price Progression
Coinmarketcap BTC U$D

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Solution: Bitcoin U$D price is being polled via Bitfinex websocket,
and then scaled to match a value range that is suitable to control
the playback-rate (PBR) of an audio loop, therefore reflected as changes in pitch.

Descending pitch euqals decrease of Bitcoin value and subsequently loss of money.

Update3: The PBR value was always one change late, which is now fixed.
Sound- and number-changes now actually corellate.

Update2: PBR Calculation corrected to avoid stalling playback.

Update: Due to the limited pitch range of 0.5 to 3
supported by most browsers and to ensure better audibility of the changes, the price is now
segmented into 3k$ ranges, resulting in a wrap of pitch value at respective tresholds.
Tresholds in U$D: 7000, 10000, 13000, 16000, 19000, 22000, 25000, 28000, 31000, 34000,
37000, 40000, 43000, 46000, 49000, 52000, 55000, 58000, 61000, 64000

(c)2018 Wertstahl | Based on Heblev's Bitcoin Ticker | Graph: Coinmarketcap

NOTE: This is a no comment art installation. | 31-MAR-2018 | Updated 23-FEB-2021